Smart Tourist Information System

Check out the Smart Tourist Information System and get useful tourist information and various services! Smart Tourist Information Systems located in the major areas of tourism and transportation will guide you with useful tourist information. You will be provided with not only general services such as location-based services, AI recommendations, translation services, and real-time traffic information, but also enhanced services such as free WiFi, transit card balance check, wireless charging, and temperature self-check.Ask Smart Tourist Information System questions about the location of different places throughout Korea using your voice!

Smart Tourist Information System will answer any questions you have about tourism in Korea.
Get essential services, such as location-based services, customized recommendations of tourist attractions, translation, transportation information in real time, as well as a variety of tourism information like major tourist attractions, shopping areas, restaurants, festivals and performance information in Korea.


  • 1330 Korea Travel Hotline Korea Travel Hotline 1330 open all year round
  • Restaurant Information on and reservation services of a variety of restaurants in Korea
  • International Taxi Information on taxis and booking services.
  • Korea Travel Tips Provides useful information such as the KOREA TOUR CARD, tourist police, tax refunds, and countermeasures for emergency situations
  • Show Leaflet Scan the QR codes to download e-books including Korea tourist information
  • Real-time Services Provides real-time information such as local weather, world time and date, and exchange rates
  • Amenities Free WiFi, transit card balance check, wireless charging, and temperature check
  • Voice Search Korea tourist information search through multi-language voice recognition
  • Tourism Information on tourist attractions, shopping, traditional markets, festivals, exhibitions, and performances in Korea
  • Transportation Information on domestic/international flights and KTX trains in real time
  • Interactive Tourist Map Interactive tourist map, tourist attractions map, directions, and subway map
  • Personalized Trip Course Multi-language voice recognition that recommends user-tailored travel routes
  • AI Translation Multi-language voice recognition for Korean translation








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