Korean Tourism Product Purchasing

Cinderella Studio specializing in Hanbok Photo
- Save 10% on website Hanbok photography products
- Offers the original film & modified version - Homepage reservation required
- When presenting passport
- Offer 50% discount for entire seats of musical fantastic - Required to present passport or foreign registration card
- Offer benefits when presenting Korea Grand Sale coupon
- Duplicate discount not allowed
- Essential to check viewable date via email at least 2 days before your desired date(haera@haera.pro/ 'Korea Grand Sale ' mention required)
- Offer 20% discount on product - Get benefits when purchasing products at the Korea Grand Sale pop-up on the homepage
WATERTREE / Trippose.com
- Offer 5% additional discount when making a reservation of a tour product - Some of the event products and some products can be excluded.
- When making payment for a tour product, enter the discount code "koreagrandsale" on the additional discount payment window.
Nami Island
- KRW 3,000 discount for adults only when presenting coupon (printed copy or mobile) at the Nami Island ticket booth after downloading the coupon from the homepage of Korea Grand Sale during the event period (Jan. 14 ~Feb. 28, 2021) - Limit to visitors during the event period (Jan. 14 ~Feb. 28, 2021).
- Limit to customers who have Korea Grand Sale coupon.
- Required to present ID that can prove a foreigner
- Duplicate discount with promotion not allowed
Musical Chef(new brand of BIBAP)
- 30% discount & socks offer
* VIP seats KRW 60,000>42,000
* R seats KRW 50,000>35,000
* S seats KRW40,000>28,000
(When COVID-19 special price is extended, more discount can be offered) https://booking.naver.com/booking/12/bizes/114948?area=bni
- Get benefits when making a reservation via Naver Reservation
- Offer admission and socks after checking coupon onsite
- When making a reservation, checking whether customer is a Korea Grand Sale participant is required - 30% discount & socks offer
* VIP seats KRW 60,000>42,000
* R seats KRW50,000원>35,000
* S seats KRW 40,000>28,000
(When COVID-19 special price is extended, more discount can be offered) - After checking the Korea Grand Sale coupon onsite, get onsite discount and socks as a gift
- 40% discount on Hanbok rental - Benefits are only applied when presenting the Korea Grand Sale coupon
- Accessories are excluded from discounts
- Duplicate discounts not allowed
- Discounts applicable to one companion
- Only available in offline stores
Gallery Sowyen
- When purchasing ring product or chrysanthemum leather bracelet, offer 10% discount - When presenting passport
Korea Won Woe (Ask the locals! - Everything about Korea)
- Offer 30% discount K-winter product special price during the Korea Grand Sale period (Required to check Korea Grand Sale mark)
- Offer hand sanitizer kit when purchasing winter products - Regular purchase benefits offered only to foreigners
- Offer discount for products sold on the company site such as tour for foreigners residing in Korea - Foreigners residing in Korea – All people with foreign nationality
- Purchase or use products during KoreaGrandSale period
Skyline Luge Tongyeong
- When purchasing 3 tickets of Luge & Skyride Combo (individual ticket), offer one session free - Get benefits when presenting a Korea Grand Sale coupon or your passport
- 10% Discount - Offer benefits when mentioning Korea Grand Sale when visiting the store