Book in advance to get benefits

National Gugak Center
- [Saturday gugak concert] performance 30% discount - Discount during Korea Grand Sale period (2021.01.14~2021.02.28)
- When making a reservation onsite, mentioning "Korea Grand Sale" is required
- 40% discount on Hanbok rental - Benefits are only applied when presenting the Korea Grand Sale coupon
- Accessories are excluded from discounts
- Duplicate discounts not allowed
- Discounts applicable to one companion
- Only available in offline stores
- Up to 73% OFF - The promotion is for the visits from Jan 14~Feb 28, 2021 (KST).
- Each activity has different promotion details and period.
- The promotion may end or change without prior notice.
- Upon taking traditional Korean soap making class
- Refreshments provided (e.g., Korean traditional rice cakes and sikye)
* Class session: 2 hours 30 minutes
* Price: KRW 80,000
* Date: contact class provider - Benefits if you have your passport with you
Korean Folk Village
- Admission ticket, free pass discount (27%)
- Admission ticket KRW 22,000 -> 16,000
- Free pass KRW 30,000 -> 22,000 - Discount coupon exclusive for foreigners
- Offer benefits when presenting Korea Grand Sale coupon
Daho Design
- 50% discount offered when having wood craft experience - For customers who present Korea Grand Sale Coupon
Korea Won Woe (Ask the locals! - Everything about Korea)
- Offer 30% discount K-winter product special price during the Korea Grand Sale period (Required to check Korea Grand Sale mark)
- Offer hand sanitizer kit when purchasing winter products - Regular purchase benefits offered only to foreigners
Gallery Sowyen
- When purchasing ring product or chrysanthemum leather bracelet, offer 10% discount - When presenting passport
- Offer 50% discount for entire seats of musical fantastic - Required to present passport or foreign registration card
- Offer benefits when presenting Korea Grand Sale coupon
- Duplicate discount not allowed
- Essential to check viewable date via email at least 2 days before your desired date( 'Korea Grand Sale ' mention required)
- Offer 20% discount on product - Get benefits when purchasing products at the Korea Grand Sale pop-up on the homepage
- Maximum 25% discount for all content using fees of Gimhae Gaya Theme Park - Required to present passport or Korea Tour Card
- All products at 10% discount - Get coupon when mentioning "Korea Grand Sale" via 1:1 inquiry - 10% discount on all products - Benefit offered when "Korea Grand Sale coupon" is presented