Special Online Shopping Promotion

Jeonbuk' 100 tourist souvenirs store
- 10% discount on all products - Presentation of passport is required
- Benefits will be updated soon.
Benefits will be updated soon
- Benefits will be updated soon.
Merbliss Inc.
- Get $2 off order $20+ - For all customers who purchase products during Korea Grand Sale period
SAI International Co., .Ltd.
- Free high-pressure short showerhead
- Free shipping - Exclusive to purchases of 2 showerhead filters
- Exclusive to purchases made via Korea Grand Sale URL below
Jewelry Workshop
- Gift packaging service - For all customers who purchase products via homepage
(Plan to complete in December during homepage construction) - 10% discount, souvenir (silver ring) offer - Prior reservation required when visiting
- When making prior reservation, Korea Grand Sale participation should be mentioned
- Korea Grand Sale coupon should be presented onsite
- 30% discount for entire products (Checking is possible when advancing to homepage) - For all purchasing customers during the Korea Grand Sale period
- Benefits will be updated soon.
Unkyoung Company
- When you shop online, 5% additional discount applied to the offline prices - Purchase of KRW 50,000 or more
- You can receive benefits when you send Korea Grand Sale coupons to Unkyoung via Idius message - Additional 5% discount to store’s selling price - Purchases over KRW 50,000
- Korea Grand Sale coupon holders
- 1 box (10 bags) gift for purchasing 2 boxes - When purchasing products. Get benefits when mentioning Korea Grand Sale participation
- When purchasing products onsite 20% discount offered - For customers who mention 'Korea Grand Sale'
- Applicable when purchasing more than 5 products