Cooking Class

Experience Korean culture by personally making various Korean dishes such as street food, home-cooked meals, and temple food.

We offer a Korea Grand Sale Blanket to 100 people who participate in the following cooking classes on a first-come, first-serve basis. (100 people per business)

I Love HanSik

Experience Korean tradition by learning Korean food culture through the cooking classes offered in various foreign languages by multinational experts in Korea, Japan, China, and others.

  • Participation Benefits

    20% discount and souvenir offered to people who participate in the cooking class and food tour during the Korea Grand Sale period Offer 1 cup of free premium makgeolli (rice wine) to those participating in the cooking class

  • Lectures Offered

    Street Food Program
    Korean Home Food Program
    Bulgogi & Japchae program
    Bibimbap Program
    Dak-galbi & Pajeon program

Cooking Lab

At OME Cooking Class, customers can enjoy shopping for food ingredients, cooking, and eating as if having a family party. They can enjoy the five flavors of Korean food.

  • Participation Benefits

    "Korean and cooking class together at Jungbu Market": 20% discount on class fee
    If participating in the traditional market cooking tour program, we offer Korean food postcard souvenir (worth 5,000 won) as a gift

  • Lectures Offered

    "Korean and cooking class together at Jungbu Market"
    Traditional market cooking tour program

Korean Temple
Food Center

Korean temple food considers the cultivation of food ingredients up to the making of food to be an extension of practicing asceticism and aims to share food with many people.

  • Participation Benefits

    Offer lacquered spoon and chopsticks (limited to 100 sets)

  • Lectures Offered

    Individual participatory program
    Group participatory program
    Regular Program

  • * Please make a reservation using the telephone reservation system. Tel. +82-2-733-4650

Korea Grand Sale

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