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Anyang Koam Tourist Hotel

Discount offers & benefits

Discount offers & benefits

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When visiting for Korea Grand Sale event presenting the relevant coupons or relevant pamphlets provides benefits

About the Store

Koam Tourist Hotel has a long tradition in Anyang. Established in 1989, it is the only tourist hotel in Anyang.
The Koam Tourist Hotel is located at Anyang station and Myeonghag station which has the most pedestrian traffic flow in Anyang thereby providing convenient access to traffic to customers.
We have a wide variety of guest room types depending on our customers’ needs and provide quest rooms at reasonable prices for long-term visitors.

  • Address Mananno 101, Manan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do Koam Tourist Hotel
  • Tel 031-445-6601~2
  • Opening Hours 24 hours/day
  • Closed days 365/year
  • Handling item Lodgins

Korea Grand Sale

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