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PanStar Cruise

Discount offers & benefits

Discount offers & benefits

1. Osaka Cruise 50% Discount
2. Panstar One-night Cruise 20% Discount


Presenting Korea Grand Sale coupon when boarding after reservation

About the Store

The Pan Star cruise which helps make Busan famous, provides cruise service between Busan and Osaka three times a week. Every Saturday, the two-day One Night Cruise provides a look at night lights of tourist attractions including Taejongdae, Dongbaek Island, Gwangan Grand Bridge etc as well as fireworks and performances in addition to on-deck outdoor alcoholic beverage and street food. Every third Saturday the shop passes the marine border and goes through Korea straits then returns to Busan, being a Korea Straits Cruise.

  • Address Chungjangdaero 206, Dong-gu, Busan International Passenger Terminal 3F Pan Star Cruise
  • Website https://www.panstarcruise.com/main/contents.html
  • Tel 1577-9996,1577-9666
  • Opening Hours 09:00 ~ 18:00
  • Closed days 365/year
  • Handling item Panstar one-night cruise departing from Busan

Korea Grand Sale

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