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Discount offers & benefits

Discount offers & benefits

Benefit 1. If staying 3 nights, 1 night is complimentary (2+1)
Benefit 2. 10% discount on food and beverages


Benefit is provided to all foreigners when reserving on the website or by telephone

About the Store

Located near the beautiful southern seas and the Samcheonpo Bridge which the Korea Tourism Organization has designated as a "Beautiful Road,"
and provides the healling and comfort only a resort-type hotel can provide to all customers who demand rejuvenation and business.
We recommend precious experiences with family, friends, and significant others at the "LAPIS HOTEL" which calls for success.

  • Address Seoburo 1503-16, Jangseon-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do LAPIS Hotel
  • Tel 055-867-1111
  • Opening Hours 24 hours/day
  • Closed days Open 365/year
  • Handling item Lodging

Korea Grand Sale

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