korea grand sale




Discount offers & benefits

Discount offers & benefits

30% discount


Discount provided upon presentation of the Korea Grand Sale coupon on-site.
‘- Free parking
Free WiFi zone (throughout the facilities)
‘- Free audio guide app provided (English, Chinese, Japanese)
‘- Luggage storage services provided (KRW 1,000)
*Exclusive for foreigners / cannot be used with other discount policies

About the Store

L’atelier with 430 pyong (1421 square meters) is a new concept theme park combining art and interactive experiences that maximizes visitors’ experience and communicating in all elements of works of art, latest IT, creative exhibit content and unusual space design with the visitor. Visitors can fully enjoy masterpieces of 19th century Impressionists such as Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Maurice Utrillo, Edouard-Leon Cortes and others not just by looking but also taking a trip to the time the paintings were produced. We reproduce Paris of 19th century France as seen by the Impressionist artists in those masterpieces with dioramas, video technology, and IT in a real space. Visitors can converse with persons in the pictures and experience with all senses masterpieces using media art shows, hologram talk shows and musicals, etc, thereby becoming part of the works of art.

  • Address Jangchungdan-ro 13-gil, 20, Jung-gu, Seoul 11F
  • Website http://www.light-atelier.com/eng/
  • Tel 1522-7327
  • Opening Hours 10:00 ~ 21:00 (Ticket office closed at 19:00)
  • Closed days 365/year
  • Handling item Musical, Hologram talk show, Media Art Show, Exhibition, Cafe

Korea Grand Sale

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  • Coupon Zone
  • Korea Tour Card
  • UnionPay
  • my scrap
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