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Discount offers & benefits

Discount offers & benefits

Coupon for one-night stay in a deluxe room (double/twin), breakfast for two and F&B discount voucher (KRW 20,000) at the following rates for international guests staying during the Korea Grand Sale season: Rates in detail (VAT and tips included) 1. Mon. - Thurs.: KRW 275,880 2. Fri.: KRW 312,180 3. Sat./special period: KRW 348,480 4. Lunar New Year’s Day season (24 - 27 Jan.): - Fri., 24 Jan.: KRW 324,280 - Sat., 25 Jan.: KRW 360,580 - Sun., 26 Jan.: KRW 287,980 - Mon., 27 Jan.: KRW 287,980


Reservation: 051-810-1000 Present your Korea Grand Sale coupon during check-in https://www.lottehotel.com/busan-hotel/ko.html

About the Store

Located about 15 minutes away from Busan Station by car, Lotte Hotel Busan has 650 rooms suitable for different travel purposes. Guests pursuing a sensuous lifestyle will surely be delighted with the rooms renovated in modern and refined style; in particular, the room of famous baseball player Choo Shin Soo, prepared in the baseball city of Busan, will give a specially pleasant experience, together with the casino exclusively operated for foreigners. Enjoy your trip and business in Busan, a harbor city with romance and vast sea.

Korea Grand Sale

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