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Genji (Millennium Seoul Hilton)

Discount offers & benefits

Discount offers & benefits

Omakase course prepared by chef Min-sul Ku at Japanese restaurant Genji
* Offer of the star chef menu of Korea Grand Tasting.


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About the Store

Genji, Millennium Seoul Hilton’s Japanese restaurant that offers neatly-prepared low-fat authentic dishes,
has renewed its “Omakase” tempura-only counter and sushi-only counter to present a new menu with a focus on Omakase as of September 2018.
As the first attempt of that kind by a five-star hotel, the “counter dedicated to tempura omakase” has drawn much attention.

“Omakase (お任せ)” is a Japanese word meaning “entrust,”
and an omakase order shows full confidence of a customer in the chef, who, based on the trust,
cooks the best dish possible with professional intuition and choice ingredients prepared for the day.

To this end, Genji scouted an omakase specialist Min-sul Ku (46 years old) ahead of the opening of the special counters.
With 24 years of experience in Japanese cuisine, Ku is a seasoned chef who communicates with ingredient market officials every morning,
along with endeavors to get better ingredients and creates top-rated dishes out of them.
His creative sushi, communication skills and attentive service has been well-received by gourmet customers.
☞ Inquiries: Genji at (02)317-3240"

Korea Grand Sale

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