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Discount offers & benefits

Discount offers & benefits

1. 1,000 promotional events (buy one/two, get one free, bonus product, etc.)
- Buy one, get one free: 153 items; buy two, get one free: 681 items

2. My Refrigerator Event (for members only)
- from every 25th - end of each month: 30% discount coupons on fresh food in celebration of the 30th anniversary of GS25
- Free traditional snacks for lunch boxes ordered during the lunar new year holidays (24 - 27 January) in celebration of the 30th anniversary

3. Payment Events
- 50% Kakao Pay cashback for every purchase of strawberry products
- Cashback of KRW 100 for payment of Cafe25 using Payco
- Cashback of CNY 5 for payment using Alipay


- The 1,000 items with buy-one/two-get-one-free events are for all customers
- My Refrigerator Event is available to My Refrigerator members only
- Payment event benefits are awarded to payers using the relevant payment system
(For KakaoPay, up to KRW 5,000 a month; For Payco, cashback of up to KRW 6,000 a month after payment)
- Alipay event: Automatic cashback of CNY 5 for payment of over CNY 50 from 10 January through 16 February

About the Store

South Korea’s top convenience store launched as the only purely Korean brand in 1990 is now going beyond being a convenience store but serves as a lifestyle platform for customers to make a difference in the country. In addition to its functions as an eatery offering a variety of food such as lunch boxes, coffee, desserts, and cooked noodles, GS25 connects courier and laundry services with customers while developing itself with other convenience services required for everyday life.

  • Address 508, Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 18F
  • Tel 1644-5425
  • Opening Hours 24 hours
  • Closed days Open all year round
  • Handling item Fresh food/drinks/snacks/instant noodles/coffee/milk/desserts and other foods, toothbrushes/toothpaste/wet wipes/stockings and other necessities, diverse convenience services

Korea Grand Sale

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