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- All-in-one diet lactobacillus Biuda Jang Teacher for diet and intestinal health all at once (30 pouches)
* 55% discount on regular price (KRW 33,900) (final discount price KRW 15,200)
* When purchasing 5, get one as a gift
* Purchasable in unit of 1 pack

- Up to 56% Help Gan Teacher Hangover NO Hangover Helper (3 sessions in 1 pack)
* 67% discount on regular price (KRW 15,000) (final discount price KRW 4,900)
* When purchasing 10, get one as a gift
* Purchasable in unit of 1 pack
Detailed conditions
- Offer benefits to all customers who purchase products by clicking the link
*Biuda Jang Teacher :
*Help Gan Teacher :
*This offer can only be ordered on the link above.
*The products can't be shipped overseas, but shipping in Korea is free of charge. Please check it before you buy it.

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Diet+lactobacillus+lactobacillus feed! All 3!!! Empty intestines

Patented Hangover helper containing 83% bellflower root extract! Stop Hangover helps the liver

Lactobacillu and lactobacillus feed fructooligosaccharide!! Garcinia diet for bread manias!

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WithOn provides solutions for customers to resolve the inconvenience in life with healthy food.
We provide solutions with safe functional food in sync with the changing life of contemporary people, rather than medicine.