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Eveningprimrose essential oil

EGF Essence Lotion

Natural soap, shampoo bar, rinse bar, body bar

Beauty / Health

Pascal International

"We started our cosmetic and beauty business in 2015 by trading. From 2016 to 2019, we exported cosmetics and OEM products to Poland and UK. In 2019, we felt the necessity of our own brand and started product development, and launced [WSH We Sell Hope] in January 2020. As a vegan product using natural raw materials, the US FDA and European CPNP were prepared, and trademark applications were also completed in Europe, the United States, Japan and Vietnam. Since the company's foundation is a trading company, it is not unreasonable to do trade work, prepare documents, and respond to buyers. We were selected as an excellent small and medium-sized company in the Korean companion sale, and works as a dedicated seller in the small and medium-sized distribution center, and is conducting mentoring and export of small and medium-sized products.

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