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- Up to 29% discount
- For every purchase of family set, offer one sediment filter as a gift
Detailed conditions
- Required to include "Grand Sale" in the shipping message
- For all customers who purchase products including a showerhead

Main Products / Services

DailyCha-E Antibacterial Multi Filtered ShowerHead

DailyCha-E Sediment Filter

DailyCha-E Vitapresso Vitamin Shower Capsule

DailyCha-E Antibacterial ACF Filter

Beauty / Health

DailyCha-E Corp.

"We were worried about a better life.
Where does a better life come from?”
After thinking about it, we made a showerhead that we use every day.
Parents, wives, husbands, children, and pets (0 to 100 & Pets)
Make a showerhead for families of all ages so that they can make a daily difference.

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