Dr.Hunacel, a functional cosmetic brand, has only added technology to nature.


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Detailed benefits
- Dr. hunacell Real Whitening Cream 80ml
Consumer price KRW 52,000
When purchasing one, offer at KRW 36,400 (30% discount)
When purchasing two, offer at KRW 72,800 (30% discount)
When purchasing three, offer at KRW 92,000 (40% discount)

- Dr. hunacell Cool toner mist 100ml
Consumer price KRW 19,000
When purchasing one, offer at KRW 9,900 (48% discount)

- Dr. hunacell Cool facial mask 5 sheets/box
Consumer price KRW 25,000
When purchasing one, offer at KRW 13,000 ( 48% discount)

-Dr. hunacell Peptide Toner 100ml
Consumer price KRW 19,000
When purchasing one, offers at KRW 9,900 (48% discount)
Detailed conditions
- For all customers who purchase products from the homepage of Dr. Hunacell
- When purchasing products worth KRW 19,000 or more in total, offer mini 2 types sample as a gift

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Main Products / Services

Skin tone-up effect and blemishes improvement as soon as whitening functional cosmetics are applied

Whitening, anti-wrinkle functional cosmetics Moisture and nutrition serum that solves skin dryness

An effective mask pack for skin soothing with cooling effect and moisture supply

Beauty / Health

Dr. Hunacell

Based on know-how on operating the cosmetic manufacturing industry for over 10 years, "Huna Cosmetic" was established in 2016.
Launching the aesthetic functional cosmetic brand "Dr.Hunacell," we are selling over 30 functional cosmetic products and striving to provide
quality that truly delights and impresses our customers. In the future, a new second brand will be released.

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