Offline benefits

Detailed benefits
- 20% off for Lotteworld Adventure
- 10% off for SEOUL SKY
Detailed conditions
- When purchasing tickets onsite, present a "Korea Grand Sale coupon"

Main Products / Services

First in Korea and the largest indoor theme park in Korea. 365 days a year regardless of weather.

The First in Korea, Fifth tallest Building. Enjoy the 360-degree View of Seoul.

The Largest Aquarium in Seoul, Korea's largest 25-meter-wide watertank.



Lotte World is the No.1 entertainment company in Korea.
"Lotte World Adventure," "Lotte World Aquarium," and "Seoul Sky" -- these 3 attractions are located in Jamsil, Seoul. It only takes 10 minutes to move from one to another. Plus there are department store, duty-free, and various stores.

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