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Detailed benefits
- Offer TeaTherapy tea coupon when simply visiting Tea Therapy Hengrang Store
Detailed conditions
- For all customers who make a visit

Main Products / Services

Tea Therapy’s all beverages are produced directly. They are made with good ingredients honestly.

Your own unique tea – Tea Therapy blends your own tea suitable for you (20 tea bags after consultation)

Visitors can enjoy footbath while drinking healthy tea (Offer medicinal herbal foot bath preparation suitable for each person, as well as a towel)



Since the olden times, Koreans have been making tea with healthy ingredients. TeaTherapy modernized the Korean traditional tea culture. TeaTherapy is a medicinal herbal tea café where visitors can experience healing while drinking Korean traditional tea and immersing their feet in warm water.
It is also operating tea classes, so visitors can have a special experience of drinking 10 kinds of tea while talking about body and tea from a traditional perspective.
As it is selling various products, visitors can buy healthy herbal tea as gifts.