Gimhae’s tourist site where you enjoy performance and exhibitions under the theme of Gaya Kingdom


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- Maximum 25% discount for all content using fees of Gimhae Gaya Theme Park
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- Required to present passport or Korea Tour Card

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Non-verbal performance ‘Painters Gayan Kingdom’, a fantastic art performance praised globally

Korea's first exciting cycle, thrilling riding from 22m high!

Exciting tower, best adventure through 72 kinds of mission cources!

Offers an experience of entering into history of Gaya by using sensuous contents and AR



The Gimhae Gaya Theme Park is an urban cultural space offering cultural experience programs for the whole family, friends, lovers in eobang-dong, Gimhae, near the Bunseongsan Mountain. It is a faithful recreation of the Gaya Confederacy, a state that existed nearly 2,000 years ago in the Gimhae area. Through the activity, performance, experience, and exhibition programs offered by the theme park, visitors can see, listen, and touch the deep history of Gaya in this unique edutainment park.

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