Offline benefits

Detailed benefits
- Upon taking traditional Korean soap making class
- Refreshments provided (e.g., Korean traditional rice cakes and sikye)
* Class session: 2 hours 30 minutes
* Price: KRW 80,000
* Date: contact class provider
Detailed conditions
- Benefits if you have your passport with you

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"Kincense is a cultural space imbued with an artistic spirit. Our mottos are ""a resting place in your heart"" and ""eco-friendly life.""

Make your own products (e.g., home décor items, candles, gifts, beauty products, detergents, etc.) using Korean aromatic ingredients for you and your family. Our goal is to give you an experience for a healthier body and mind.

Here, you can create your first-rate ""natural"" lifestyle; take some time off from everyday life and give yourself complete peace of mind and enjoy some alone time.

A place where you can focus on your self-care
Kincense provides you with something greater than simply the value of ""handmade."""

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