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Purchase Period : 2021. 2. 1 ~ 2.28
Departure Period : 2021. 2. 1 ~ 3.27

Up to 95% discount on domestic flight tickets for foreigners in Korea
-From Gimpo 35,000 won ~ (95% discount from the regular price)
-From Busan, 35,100 won ~ (94% discount compared to the regular price)
-From Jeju 35,000 won ~ (95% discount from the regular price)
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Special ticket price opens on 1 FEB, 10AM

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'Cutting-edge technology and time-honored tradition', 'skyscrapers and natural beauty', 'dynamic energy and leisure'. Seoul is a beautiful city in which contrasts blend together in perfect harmony.
Air Seoul is an airline setting 'Seoul', a global city, representing Korea as its brand.

A 'journey' can be defined as moving from a familiar place to an unfamiliar place, an experience of pleasant contrasts that arise from coming into contact with new people and new cultures. Air Seoul is your partner as you travel on your journey.

'Seoul' and 'Journey' are similar in a way that they both create a new energy from 'Harmoney of Contrast.'

Now Air Seoul is starting a 'Journey' with passengers for pleasant contrast, in the name of 'Seoul'