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- 10% discount on the ticket price from Hong Kong to Korea
- The first refund or change fee is fee-free
[Sale period] Jan. 14 ~ Feb. 28, 2021
[Boarding period] Apr. 1 ~ Dec. 31, 2021
*The first refund or change fee is fee-free (within the boarding period)
[Route] From Hong Kong to Korea
[Benefit] 10% discount on the ticket price (Prestige and economy class)
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Korean Air

Leading player in the global airline industry, Korean Air, owns 169 aircraft and operates scheduled flights to 127 cities in 44 countries worldwide.
As a leader in the global transport network, Korean Air is performing a pivotal role in further enhancing Korea’s progressive reputation around the world. We are expanding our global network by establishing new routes.
Moving forward, our goal is to be recognized as an industry leader by promoting sustainable growth through strengthened competitiveness and by being able to quickly and flexibly respond to market changes and customer needs.