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- 1+1 event
* Offered when purchasing Danish rosehip Litoflex
* Offered when purchasing bronchial tube nutritional supplement
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- Required to include "Korea Grand Sale" in the shipping message
* https:/
* Tel (010-2915-5108) or @Kakao Plus Friend (ID:elefun)

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FDA-approved Health functional food made of functional ingredients for joints and cartilage

Bronchial nutritional supplement made of Korean bellflower roots, quince, and jujube, softly melting in the mouth without water

Joint & muscle massage cream containing msm sulphur



Elefun is a new leading company with competitiveness in the distribution of functional health food and it is making challenges without fear.
We will respond to customers’ need with the best products under the management philosophy of technological development and customer satisfaction.

201705 recruited Litoflex dealers
06 Signed an exclusive supply contact on rosehip ingredient
07 Acquired business permit
(Distribution sales business of health functional food)
08 Signed OEM production contract (Yu Yu Health Care, etc)
10 Launched Litoflex Gold
11 Supplied rosehip ingredient to JW Shinyak Pharmaceutical
12 Began selling products at Litoflex Pharmacy

201601 Established a distribution-specializing company
08 Acquired a business permit
(General sales business of health functional food)
12 Signed exclusive rosehip distribution contract (individual certification of health functional food

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