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- Offer 30% discount K-winter product special price during the Korea Grand Sale period (Required to check Korea Grand Sale mark)
- Offer hand sanitizer kit when purchasing winter products
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- Regular purchase benefits offered only to foreigners

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Try the amazing winter activity products operated by Korean local hosts

Experience customized travel services through Q&A services offered by local people in Korea

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Korea Won Woe (Ask the locals! - Everything about Korea)

Korea Won Woe (Ask the locals! - Everything about Korea) provides Korean local information service to Chinese-speaking tourists visiting Korea.

It is the largest Korean tourism information platform that began in September 2017 for Chinese-speaking private tourists from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.

With Korean tourism information as its main service, it also offers overall information about Korean culture, studying in Korea, medical service, and life in the form of Q&A, contents, and selected curating form and provides customized travel services for FIT individual travelers in connection with local experiences and various activity products.

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