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- For every purchase of Core Dental Chew and Dog Snack gift set, offer one out of ten kinds of Foodyworm low-allergy snack at random as a gift
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- Applicable to customers who mention Korea Grand Sale in a shipping message

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Low-allergy functional cat churu containing insect proteins at highest nourishment ratio

10 kinds of low-allergic snack gift set with low allergy causing possibility by using insect proteins

Oral care dental gum for pet dogs that resolves the cause of bad breath



Foodyworm is continuously conducting R&D on eco-friendly materials and products such as antibiotic alternative matter, pet food and additive, aquarium fish/small fish meal, and fertilizer by using eco-friendly insects. It is making its best efforts to create a good food culture for pets and for the development of the Korean insect industry based on its related research and technology.

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