Havening is a compound word of heaven+ing. It means offering heavenly skin.


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- Free shipping for all products
- Offer a 50% discount coupon for a minimum total purchase of KRW 30,000 worth of products
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- https://smartstore.naver.com/heavening
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Main Products / Services

The conditioner makes damaged hair feel soft and healthy with vitamin ingredients and by preventing moisture evaporation

Mask Smudge-free natural tone-up effect + whitening function + wrinkle improvement + large volume for entire body total tone-up

Mask smudge-free one-second tone-up cream containing ingredients and package from uncontaminated Jeju

Skin care with whipped cream texture free from smudge or sticky feeling with 8 kinds of plant-derived extract and water drop

Beauty / Health


As a production and distribution company specializing in cosmetics and OTC products, YCOS was launched as YSJ Cosmetics in 2011. Its export currently accounts for 70% of total sales, and it is helping promote K-Beauty to the world.
YCOS is making its best effort to produce and provide the best products to consumers, and it has been developing and launching various brands and beauty products.
Since its establishment, the company has adhered to its principle of producing skin-customized cosmetics that are gentle yet effective by using natural extract and plant-derived substances.
Experience genuine beauty provided by YCOS, which makes products with good ingredients and accumulated know-how.

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