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Detailed benefits
- Open Korean Grand Sale Special Event Banner (10~50% discount on all products during the special event on the homepage)
- Baby octopus diced radish kimchi 400g X 2ea 30% discount + free shipping (KRW 19,800 -> 13,900)
Detailed conditions
- When purchasing at the Korea Grand Sale Planning Exhibition within the Online commerce

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Main Products / Services



*Comprehensive mall in the form of marketplaces
Distribute competitive items with competitive prices through B2B company’s mall by recruiting directly manufacturing and directly importing stores (items)
*The company's mall: (under operation for 15 years, ranked 9th among Korean home interior shopping malls) (under operation for 10 years, ranked 11th among Korean comprehensive B2B)
*“Change the world with creative ideas”
Research/Develop all product groups that can be presented to the world with creative ideas instead of limiting to specific categories
*Product development & globalization of shopping mall distribution
*Overseas B2C / B2B through export consultation & expos; develop products with global competitiveness