Whether you've had a stressful day, need a boost of energy, Simply drop in a BODY V


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Pink Champagne, Sleepy Time Bath Bomb Tablets. Revives & Rejuvenates, Vitamin C & Vitamin E & Q10

Sugar Citrus, Stress Relief Bath Bomb Tablets. ,Calms & Vital skin, Vitamin C & Vitamin B2

Minty Mandarin, Detox Therapy Bath Bomb Tablets. Comforts & Indulges, Vitamin C & Rock Salt

DEAR ROY, Healthy Mild Bath Bomb Tablets For Baby, 100% Natural,Gentle to Skin

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Energy people body lab

We specialize in bath bomb tablet. With BODY V, you are able to use clean, softened water wherever and keep your skin moisturized. BODY V and Dear Roy are bath bomb tablets. Carbonated hot springs have been used for the treatment of skin diseases since the 19th century in Europe.
BODY V contains a high concentration of 1,000ppm carbonic acid, which is twice the standard of domestic hot springs, and bicarbonate anion to clean waste materials and keratin in your skin to keep it healthy.

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