This is the logo of DICAPAC and Akron, the representative brands of DICAPAC Co., Ltd.


Online benefits

Detailed benefits
- A free gift cool towel provided when purchased through Naver Storefarm.
* Available for purchases of 10,000 won or more.
Detailed conditions
- For all customers

Main Products / Services

A smartphone waterproof pack WP-C2c V2] manufactured in Korea with excellent quality.

Aqua Shoes Akuron, shoes for playing in the water with a sales record of 1 million pairs.

Shoes suitable for indoor exercises such as yoga and home training lightweight and good elasticity.

An air pump neck pillow convenient to use, putting air in with a pump and bleeding air with a valve.

AQ sports mask, with its good water repellency and breathability, you can breathe comfortably.



We greet our customers from DICAPAC Co.,Ltd.
DICAPAC Co., Ltd. started as a camera waterproof pack manufacturer in 2005 and is growing into a company specializing in travel goods such as waterproof packs for smartphones, multi-purpose waterproof packs for cameras and smartphones, water-proof packs including multi-purpose waterproof packs, aqua shoes, neck pillows, and cool towels

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