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- 10% discount on room charges
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- Advance reservation required via phone (061-763-2678)
- For customers who mention the Korea Grand Sale

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Peepul Hanokstay

Opened in 2008, Yeongyeongdang is a Korean traditional house (Hanok) stay accommodation facility that means a house with beautiful sunlight. It is located about 6km away from Gwangyang-eup. When you enter Yeongyeongdang, you can see Baegun Reservoir, Baegunsan Mountain in the distance, and Bibongsan Mountain in front of you. Especially, the view from the family room is good. There are a total of 5 guest rooms, and all rooms have toilets with bathtubs. Room heating uses traditional 'gudeuljang' (a Korean floor heating system), boiler, and air conditioner together, and a glass door and glass windows are added to block the unique coldness of Korean traditional houses.
Cooking inside the room is not possible, but a separate shared kitchen is prepared for those guests who want to cook in the guest room. The spacious kitchen can accommodate several people at the same time, and there are vending machines for snacks and drinks. In the courtyard decorated with a garden, you can enjoy barbecues or outdoor meals with wooden tables installed