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- An additional gift of mask for purchase of 50 or more sheets.
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- For all customers

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BIOMATE KF94 anti yellow dust quarantine mask (ADULT)

BIOMATE KF80 anti yellow dust mask (ADULT)

BIOMATE KF80 anti yellow dust mask (KID)

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Taesung Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and importer of clean room consumables, has established a mask-specialized manufacturing plant in cooperation with Biomate Co., Ltd. to become the best company in the environmental field.
Unlike other companies that only perform simple production, Biomate Co., Ltd. directly performs various tasks such as manufacturing, design, embossing, and stickers from A to Z without intermediate outsourced processes. Because the products are shipped directly from the factory, we can provide with you the best satisfaction in terms of price, quality, and service.
Currently, we are producing and selling products through various sales channels such as OEM supply, various procurement channels to large companies such as LG H&H and Green Cross Wellbeing, universities, and internet shopping malls, and we also have received a plaque of appreciation from Ulsan Metropolitan City for various donation activities.
With 15 years of business history, we insist on the safest and most functional products and are proving our dedication to them through our products.

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