Dermatology brand created by dermatologists for 18 years of research with a lot of times of research


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Main Products / Services

A low-calorie, sugar-free product of a feeling of fullness. A good brand for diet & healthy snacks.

Surface antibacterial coating spray, free of bacteria and viruses for at least 90 days if sprayed

It consists of two items: diffuser and fabric perfume. A good product for a luxurious gift.

Beauty / Health


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We are a company that is growing with brands such as Dentiste (premium No.1 oral care brand/service category and 3 companies' H&B toothpaste category 1st place), Coopers (handmade beer kit/undiluted solution can), Spike Defender (antibacterial spray and mask incorporating antibacterial solution SD999 technology). , Le Mondor (Diffuser, Fabric Perfume), Dr. Esri (Basic Skin Care), Hips (Collagen Water Jelly), and other beauty and household goods brands