An English word for a Spanish word meaning 'opens the skin's natural beauty and health'


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- 50% discount for all customers who purchase.
- Rose hip tint 9,900 won provided.
- Sample of Hibiscus Relaxing Line provided.
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- For customers participating in the Korea Grand Sale who sign up for an official online mall via link

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Patented ingredients and 13 peptide ingredients in Clapiel Rich Eye Cream make the eyelids elastic!

5000 Daltons of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid! Clapiel Hibiscus Relaxing Mask Pack

EWG Grade 1 Mild Ingredient Face & Body Lotion Clapiel Hibiscus Relaxing Lotion

Care for mild dead skin cells with natural cellulose. Clapiel Natural Peeling Gel

Clapiel Rosehip Lip Tint (Pink / Coral) with highly moisturizing and nutritious rosehip ingredients.

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-Brand description
Clapiel is a high-functional cosmeceutical brand created based on the differentiated cutting-edge biotechnology of Korea Union Pharmaceutical with solid skin science research technology. Based on premium natural ingredients, Clapiel helps the active ingredients to be delivered deep into the skin, enhancing the skin's own self-renewal and regaining its natural charm.

-A single line brand description
The key solution to skin troubles

-Brand description
A2AGE, a leisure-type lifestyle cosmetic brand, is an emotional cosmetic brand that travels in time with the skin of a child with the concept of 'second twenty years old'. Under the motto of 'Enjoy and Care', we aim for a style in everyday life, freedom in travel destinations, and a healthy mind, and keeps moisture in all of our daily lives.

-A single line brand description
A brand that always feels good