Suhyup Distribution


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- Purchasable marine products at local producers’ prices
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Korean fresh squid

Suhyup Dried Pollack slices

The flavor and scent of marine plant are preserved with a traditional production method.

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Suhyup Distribution

Suhyup Distribution is a subsidiary company of the National Federation of Fisheries Corperatives, which is a cooperative organization of fishermen who produce marine products.
Suhyup distribution increases added value of marine produce harvested by fishermen and it is conducting all tasks related to the distribution of marine products such as purchasing, processing and selling.

In particular, it protects both producers and consumers through rational supply and demand by shortening the complex and inefficient distribution steps of marine products.
For this, it is operating its own production facilities and providing high quality processed marine products to consumers by purchasing and processing fresh marine produce from Fisheries Cooperatives across the nation.
In addition, it is directly operating Bada Marts, a store-specializing in marine products for consumers to purchase fresh and delicious products at low prices.