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- Offer additional 10% discount to regular price
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- Offer when purchasing products after clicking the Korea Grand Sale Special Event Banner on the homepage of the company’s mall.
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Main Products / Services

[SWISSMILITARY] X10 massage gun(SMA-X10)

[Coobinox] bedding vacuum cleaner (CX-2035BC)

[SWISSMILITARY] Pro Air Moving Dryer 2000W Cradle Type (SMA-MD1800)

[Sum N Care] Heating type humidifier (Large volume 8L)

[Rhinox] 4-side desk heater(RXPH-1212)

[SWISSMILITARY] 1-burner induction cooktop(SMA-ID20001)

[SWISSMILITARY] 2-burner induction cooktop(FX-IRC118)


[SWISSMILITARY] Slim jet handy type wireless cleaner(SMA-HV14)

[SWISSMILITARY] Foldable foot bath(SMA-FC60)

[SWISSMILITARY] Vacuum rice container 7L 6kg (SMA-RC5L)

[SWISSMILITARY] ultrasonic humidifier(5L)(SMA-SH25W)

[SWISSMILITARY] Twin Air Wireless Cleaner (SMA-VC2200)

[Automo] Smart multi blender (WK-1000)

[SWISSMILITARY] Aqua Rolling Wet Mop Cleaner (d88)

Beauty / Health

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