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- 76N1 Deep Repairing Micro Cream Ampoule : 35% discount
- 76N1 Be Happy Double Action Mist : 30% discount
- 76N1 Be Happy Oxygen Bubble Clay Mask : 22% discount
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- For all customers who purchase products via homepage during Korea Grand Sale period (2021.01.14~2021,02,28)

Main Products / Services

Deep repairing micro cream ampoule/ Optimizes repairing energy absorption with micro fluidic technology

Be Happy Double Action Mist/ cream mist protects skin by locking twice with cream layer and moisture layer

Be Happy Oxygen bubble Clay Mask/ Best home care for pores with clay that changes to oxygen bubble

Beauty / Health

Sereine Lab Co., Ltd.

Sereine Lab is a venture-certified business established in December 2016. It started out with customized cosmetics based on big data on consumer environment, skin, and lifestyle, and it is dreaming of a new paradigm in the cosmetic industry by integrating beauty and tech.

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