Thinking for skin, a gift from the nature, ginger. Anti-oxidant cosmetic GINGER6


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Detailed benefits
- When purchasing GINGER6 serum, toner, moisture cream and pepti cream, offer 30% discount + hand cream as gift
- When purchasing GINGER6 hand cream, offer 50% discount
- Real Soak Soak 1BOX (5ea) purchase benefit price KRW 6,000
Detailed conditions
- For all customers who purchase products during Korea Grand Sale event period

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Main Products / Services

Essence-like toner, Ginger6 like white Blossom Essence Toner

Ginger6 Active water cream made of 10 kinds of moisture pouring on dry skin

Ginger6 Energizing PEPTI cream. filling from the inside of skin with elasticity

Ginger6 like white snow Serum fills skin with ginger energy

Ginger6 HAND CREAM is moisture-ful hand cream filled with fermented substances

Use once a week! Real Soak Soak for brighter skin texture in 10 seconds

Beauty / Health

Hanamoa Co.,Ltd.

Hanamoa is a company that is making its best effort to provide the best products to customers based on principles and honesty.
We have launched the brand Ginger6 by using patented ginger water, and we are selling the product at famous department stores and Olive Young branches (Korean Beauty Product store) nationwide and exporting to online and offline channels in the USA, Southeast Asia, and China.
All of Hanamoa’s products are produced by using EWG Green-grade ingredients under the philosophy of “Healthy beverages for skin,” and we are striving to be a socially responsible company through sponsorship activities for single mothers and underprivileged people.
Everybody has a desire for beauty, and our mission is to help fulfill such desire with healthy ingredients.
We believe that ethical and socially responsible activities help our business.

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