A:T candy manufacturer Si-tone that removes bad breath and keeps awake


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- 1 box (10 bags) gift for purchasing 2 boxes
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- When purchasing products. Get benefits when mentioning Korea Grand Sale participation

Main Products / Services

Etiquette candy 'ATcandy' removes bad breath

Etiquette candy 'ATcandy' removes bad breath. Peach flavor

Etiquette candy 'ATcandy' flavor removes bad breath. Strong mint



June 2017: Research and development of "A:T candy" (1 year and 6 months)
December 2018: Established si-tone
July 2019: Launch of "A:T candy"
November 2019: 2019 Seoul Awards Excellent Product Idea Product Category (Seoul Business Agency)
December 2019: Selected as promising company for the Chungnam Creative Economy Innovation Center
January 2020: Won the Grand Prize for the food and beverage category in 2020 Korea's Best New Product (Korea Daily, Korea Economic Research Institute, Korea Brand Association)
October 2020: A:t candy launched new product "Strong Mint"
Second half of 2020: Strengthening lineup, diversifying domestic distribution channels, and preparing for export

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