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- 30% discount on Hanbok rental
- 30% discount on Hanbok photos and family photos
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- Discount benefits are offered when citing the event name of Korea Grand Sale while making a reservation by email or phone
- Discount benefits are provided when mentioning the event name or coupon of Korea Grand Sale

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Arirang Studio

Korea has been in desperate need of a cultural experience program that satisfies foreign tourists' diverse needs and demands, created by excellent tourism resources, tourism infrastructure, and Korean Wave and contents such as K-Pop. Now, you can enjoy an impressive, touching experience about Korean culture through the five senses, rather than sight only.
Arirang Studio is a cultural venue where you can experience firsthand the unique beauty and taste of Hanbok rooted in traditional Korean culture. At the entrance of Namsan Hanok Village, you can rent hanbok (about 400 pieces of traditional hanbok, hanbok for court officials, king, queen, or modern hanbok, etc.) and take photos of hanbok as a souvenir at tourist sites such as Namsan Hanok Village or inside the photo studio. You can keep valuable experiences and memories during your tour of Korea by making albums.

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