GS25 is Korea’s top ranking and native brand convenience store


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Detailed benefits
- Over 100 1+1 events, +1 event(2+1, additional gift, etc.) over 1,000 events
Detailed conditions
- For all customers

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Main Products / Services

High quality coffee machine and specialty blending coffee beans provide best quality coffee at reasonable prices

Chicken 25 provides premium fries that are cooked on the spot by using best quality food ingredients at reasonable prices

Pre-paid USIM service that offers voice/ text/ data services at reasonable prices



Established in February 1971, GS25 is a company operating convenience stores, supermarkets, H&B, and hotel business. It is operating some 15,000 stores including convenience stores, supermarkets, and H&B nationwide. 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of GS25. We are realizing continuous growth by leading customers’ life innovation through continuous challenges.

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