Customers can store their belongings in near-by stores anytime anywhere with mobile phone.


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- 10% discount coupon offer
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- For all customers who download the app during the Korea Grand Sale period

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Main Products / Services

Store your luggage safely at nearby stores at reasonable prices, KRW 100 per 10 minutes

It can be used for various moments in life such as during travel or shopping

Reserve and make a payment with app and store luggage conveniently with QR ticket

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Bluewhale Company is offering "LugStay, a store space-sharing, luggage-storing service," for the first time in Korea for travelers to store their luggage by using the empty space in the store. Through this service, individual travelers can store their luggage in the nearest stores anytime and enjoy surrounding tourist sites more conveniently.

The use of app and web is very easy, and the procedure for storage is very safe and simple. In particular, the service page of LugStay is offered in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified, traditional), and the procedure for storage/receipt can be done using the safe OR ticket without any language barrier.

Currently, LugStay is being operated at 500 stores nationwide and 350 stores in Seoul.

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