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- When purchasing products worth KRW 20,000 or more in all, get Luft Original product Luft Flavor (Crayon) as a gift
*Applicable only to Luft Coffee Myeongdong, Gwanghwamun Store
*Limited quantity, promo ends when stocks are exhausted
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- When purchasing products worth KRW 20,000 or more in all, get benefits when presenting a "Korea Grand Sale coupon"

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Main Products / Services

Luft coffee's representatve blend, Seoul, Luft, Hawaii Ka'u

Seoul Americano and Coffee bean card created with coffee flavor and graphics of Seoul’s beautiful ni

Luft signature dessert as a good pairing of coffee, Dacquoise 7 types

uft whip cream scone with crisp outside and moist inside .

You can enjoy three types of Luft drip bag anytime, anywhere

You can enjoy Luft coffee latte smoothly.



Luft Coffee offers homemade baked goods and special coffee.
Our representative products include Seoul Blend, which expresses Seoul’s beautiful night, as well as Luft Blend with delicious fruit scent and Hawaiian Blend directly cultivated by the company’s Hawaii farm.
Luft Coffee’s baked goods are very popular as well. They are: cute cube bread 3 kinds (choco, custard, butter); scones 3 types (Ang butter, whipped cream cheese, whipped cream scones) that go well with coffee; and signature dacquoise 7 types (raspberry, matcha, caramel mocha, black sesame seed, blueberry, choco, lemon yogurt).

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