Enjoy traveling in Korea more conveniently

- Benefits will be updated soon.
- 68% discount - For all customers
- who buy one box (containing 50 masks) or more
Prepia Co., Ltd.
- 10-50% discount is provided when purchasing at the company's mall. - For all customers
DongSeo MediCare Co.,Ltd
- Offer a gift consisting of dental floss products (2 ea)
* When purchasing <dental floss holder 1 ea+dental floss 1ea>
- worth KRW 20,000 or more in total, offer free shipping (limited to Korea) - Offered when purchasing <Dental floss holder 1 ea+dental floss 1ea> products via the link
* https://smartstore.naver.com/ssensil/products/5184991436
- Required to include "Korea Grand Sale" in the shipping request section
Pattern B
- Offer gift “portable hand mirror (SF coating high quality spec)" - Required to include “Hand Mirror – Pink” or “Hand Mirror – White” in a shipping message
* Ship out a gift in random color when including "Korea Grand Sale" in a shipping message
* Offer one gift per one case of order rather than according to the number of products purchased
- Offer a giveaway gift for every purchase of products worth KRW 30,000 or more in all from the company’s mall

- The company’s mall is currently offering discount benefits and 1+1 benefit - Required to include "Korea Grand Sale" in the shipping message
* Applicable during the Korea Grand Sale period (Jan. 14-Feb. 28, 2021)
* When retuning a product, the giveaway gift shall be collected
Naeun Life Co., Ltd
- 20% discount on all products when purchased at the company's mall website
- 10% more discount when purchasing 2 or more - For all customers who purchase during the Korea Grand Sale period
- Up to 90% Discount on Exchange Rate (vs. Airport Exchange Stores)
*May vary depending on the currency - For all customers who use <what?> during the Korea Grand Sale period
Life Pattern Korea
- Offer 5~30% discount when purchasing products worth 50 USD or more - For all customers
Unkyoung Company
- When you shop online, 5% additional discount applied to the offline prices - Purchase of KRW 50,000 or more
- You can receive benefits when you send Korea Grand Sale coupons to Unkyoung via Idius message - Additional 5% discount to store’s selling price - Purchases over KRW 50,000
- Korea Grand Sale coupon holders
Jeonbuk' 100 tourist souvenirs store
- 10% discount on all products - Presentation of passport is required
Airport Railroad
- Discount for Express train fare(Adult ₩9,000 → ₩8,000) - Scan the QR code → Log in to AREX Website(https://www.arex.or.kr) → Make advance reservations → Get the discount
※ Please confirm the operation of Express Train before making reservations(The train is temporarily suspended now)
※ This discount can not be combined with other promotional offers
※ Be careful of switching other websites after scanning the QR code(Discount could be applied)